VCSE likes

Veloclub Don Logan 

The guys that started it all. Inspiration for the VCSE blog and our favourite cycling podcast.

Check out the blog and listen to the podcast here (or on iTunes)


Probably the definitive road racing site and the one to aspire to. Considering it’s the output of one person (who manages to hold down a day job too!) it’s amazing how much content and insight there is.


Check it out here

The place to go to find live (video) feeds and updates and aggregated content of pretty much every race you have heard of (and perhaps a few you haven’t). If you find yourself away from a Eurosport feed and want to catch some action this is the place to go.

Follow the link below

Cycling Tips

Arguably not quite as complete a site as Innrg from a road racing point of view Cycling Tips is still well worth a visit. They provide race updates via a daily email service and if you want things with an Aussie slant its worth subscribing for this alone. There’s also links to the the Cycling Tips show ‘The Bike Lane’ if you like to watch road racing being discussed (rather than just listening to VCDL)

Cycling Tips does what it says on the tin with a raft of info including stuff like race craft and nutrition and this is where it scores over Innrg as a resource.

Access all this and more at

NY Velocity 

For racing from the US and an insight into cycle sport and culture stateside head to NY Velocity. It’s worth a visit purely for the comic strip ‘As the Toto turns’ if like VCSE you want some irreverence with your road racing fix.

NY Velocity has it’s serious side and was the website that published the full transcript of Paul Kimmage’s interview with Floyd Landis. This is still available on the site and worth a read.

You can read ‘Toto’, the Landis interview and stuff in a similar vein here

I am Ted King

One of the best (not too sure it’s that wide a field) pro rider blogs. Ted King is ex Cervelo Test Team now riding alongside Peter Sagan at Cannondale. Ted’s posts don’t take themselves too seriously and you can see his Strava feed here too (just to make us all feel really inadequate)

Follow the link to Ted’s site here

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