Finally.. something to wear – new VCSE cycling kit

After the demise of the VCSE t shirt store last year it was probably about time we had something to sell again (and here it is). VCSE has teamed up with West Coast (that’s USA rather than Virgin Trains) design company Jakroo to launch our first cycling jersey. It’s a bit of homage / tribute / rip-off (delete as applicable) to the HTC kit of yesteryear and has a (hopefully) classic design in black and white with (so on trend) flouro yellow accents.

New VCSE Race S/S Jersey
New VCSE Race S/S Jersey

There should be more products to follow in the new year and at the very least we’re hoping to add a winter jacket and two types of bibs. Individual orders can be done with Jakroo directly in the US but there are significant savings to be made by ordering in bulk so please check in with us first and I will advise on pricing. There’s more info via the link on the right hand side of the page (if you’re reading this on a laptop) or scroll to the bottom of the post if you’re on a tablet or mobile. There’s a (new) dedicated page ‘VCSE store’ at the top of the page (or via the menu on mobile devices) that has all of the links and info you need.

New stuff!

We’ve added a couple of new T Shirts (the first for a while) to the VCSE store. Inspired by our musical tastes, but with a velo twist (natch) there’s the Musical Influence T in black. This is a unisex cut available in sizes small thru’ 3XL. All sizes from Purito Rodriguez upwards right?

Musical Influence T Shirt available at the VCSE store
Musical Influence T Shirt available at the VCSE store

Stuck for something to get drenched in sweat during your workout? Look no further than the VCSE collegiate style Work Harder T in grey marl. Same deal as before, so a unisex cut with sizes to 3XL. Full details plus pictures of that one at the VCSE store and via our Facebook page.

Both T Shirts are available for a relatively bargain price of £11.99 (plus postage). Follow the link on the right hand side of the page to the VCSE store for these babies plus our original designs and be the envy of your friends. *

Disclaimer – The link for the VCSE store is correct. We cannot guarantee that our T Shirts will make you more popular or successful 😉


VCSE on Flipboard

One of the apps we really love at Velo Club Sud Eglise is Flipboard. It’s an aggregator for news, the things we’re interested in and social feeds like Twitter.

Of all the aggregators available it has the dual benefits of looking great on either tablet or phone and the ability to ‘hack’ the content to add your own stuff.

There are numerous links on how to do this online but if you have an RSS feed or the URL for a RSS feed you can add the blogs you like to your Flipboard.

Flipping Brilliant – VCSE on Flipboard for iPad

We have an RSS follow link on our home page you can use to get VCSE on your mobile device. Send us am email if you need any help with getting our content in this format.

Not too shabby – Flipboard for Android

One for Tyler… not sure about Lance

We have managed to avoid talking about the inevitable so far but just in case anyone is in any doubt as to the VCSE position here’s a couple of new additions to the VCSE store.

The Pan y Agua T Shirt is available in our standard unisex style but as we think this is gonna be a popular line we have added a girls specific T Shirt also. Like all VCSE products they are out of competition tested ;o)

Not sure if Lance is going to want one but I think Tyler will get where we are coming from!

Just like Steve McQueen

Here at VCSE we have always been big fans of the the classic orange on baby blue colours of the Gulf Porsche team from the early 70’s. As a bit of a homage to the best racing livery in endurance racing and a nod to a certain cinematic icon we have updated the Track Club T Shirt.

Click through to the VCSE store and start your engines!

One for the ladies..

Doing the Giro? - new VCSE girls T shirt
Doing the Giro? – new VCSE girls T shirt

To mark VCSE’s decision to offer more coverage of the women’s racing scene we have added a women’s specific design to the VCSE store. In Giro pink and with every Giro Donne winner listed on the back.

All of our other designs are produced as a unisex T but we know that this new style offers a great fit.

Follow the links to the VCSE store on the right hand side of the page if viewing on your PC or Mac or at the bottom of the page on your tablet or mobile.

It’s Velo Club time

Diet Velo – also available in XXL

For those of you that prefer your (insert popular soft drink brand here) low cal. Here’s the alternative to our Real Thing design.

Visit the VCSE store for instant refreshment!

‘We’d like to teach the world to sing…’

The real thing – looks as good as it tastes! 

The latest VCSE design – sure to improve the taste of any beverage. Enjoy!

Celebrate the classic climbs – the latest design added to the VCSE store

Mountain High – latest design at the VCSE store

As part of our classic climbs series here’s the latest Velo Club Sud Eglise offering. The photo represents the obelisk at the summit. 

Follow our links to the VCSE store and enjoy.



The spring collection

The ‘road test’ of the VCSE store continues. Just had the first T delivered and here I am ‘modelling’ the Track Club variety. 


Suits You Sir – VCSE Track Club T in the flesh