Velo Club Sud Eglise was formed in 2013 after quitting the 9 to 5 and finding that I had a lot more time to watch, read about and actually do some cycling.

VCSE long since ceased trying to be a poor mans Cycling News but I didn’t set out to be a results service in the first place. I (try to) post semi regularly on professional road racing with comment and opinion both on forthcoming races and the aftermath (if you’re kind enough to follow the blog you will realise i’m a lot more active during the road racing season). If you have found VCSE via one of my views (I’ll take a guess that you read about the Roux A8) you might also notice that semi regularly is more like seldom in the last year or two. If you go back to 2013 you will find more posts on a variety of topics such as the odd bit cycling history or background on some of the iconic fixtures of the pro scene, whether a classic climb or classic footage from years gone by.

I still watch as much of the race season as I can but I find it hard to sustain four or five posts for each grand tour and it’s fair to say that nothing excites me as much as the Spring Classics. It’s for that reason that my output has tended to dry up after Paris Roubaix in the last couple of years.

The blog actually started as side project to my t shirt designs (and they’re still somewhere in the archives) but writing about stuff pretty much took over after the first year and my production partner going bust. I’m (very slowly) working on some other stuff so that side of things may get resurrected.

I found myself working in a bike shop after I started VCSE and I have done a little bit of everything so far, from part time on the minimum wage to pretty much getting back to the career level I had a few years back. I’m kinda living the dream, albeit not getting out on my bike as much. I don’t always appreciate the irony. 😉

You can contact VCSE via email at:


or follow me on Twitter @RobGVCSE

VCSE’s opinions are our own. 

Any images are credited where applicable and used with thanks

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